Cookie policies

Beestreamed makes use of cookies for third-party and first-party tools that are necessary for the site to function. In order to use the site you must accept the use of these cookies.

You are always able to opt-out of cookies by using the "opt-out cookies" button at the bottom of this page.


Locally stored

Beestreamed uses cookies for remembering chosen settings on the site. These settings are only stored locally and are not stored on any database.

Database stored

Beestreameds Managment platform makes use of cookies for storing login sessions, these sessions are stored on Beestreameds databases hosted in the EU. Information such as, truncated IP address, time of login and user id reference will be stored on our databases.

We may store other informations about you which aren't cookie based, you can read about this on our terms of use



MUX Inc. is our provider for streaming services. All streaming services like live streaming and on-demand streaming are provided by MUX Inc. Mux may use cookies for obtaining information like your country of origin, device type, browser type, time of access and truncated IP address.